How to Install MinGW-w64 c/c++ Compiler

Today, we will show you How to Install MinGW-w64 c/c++ Compiler on any window.

C/C++ is undoubtedly the best programming language.

The speed and quality at which applications can be developed using C/C++ make it the greatest choice.

Now, you may be aware that MinGW is a popular compiler for C and C++ programs, but you may also be aware that the website has suddenly stopped working. Alternative compilers are disliked by some people.

The MinGW-w64 is a fork of MinGW and stands for Minimalist GNU for Windows. MinGW-w64 c/c++ compiler is a complete c/c++ compiler, it can be used for developing c/c++ programs and, like GCC, it can be used for compiling software.

The MinGW-w64 c/c++ compiler can be used in combination with Microsoft Visual Studio.

So what I’ll do in this article is show you How to download and install the latest version of the MinGW compiler on your Windows 7,8,10,11operating system.


I hope this Installation Tutorial answers your query about how to install MinGW w64 on Windows 8,9,10 or 11 and other operating systems on your computer.

You can choose between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Mingw.

MinGW can be downloaded here. Simply type MinGW w64 compiler or 32-bit MinGW compiler into Google and hit enter; the first result will be; simply click on the first result that appears.

MinGW – Minimalist GNU for Windows download – SourceForge

  • You can also download it by clicking here, your download will begin shortly.

  • Wait four to five seconds for the download to complete, then double-click on the exe file to install.

  • Simply click on install and navigate to the location where you want this program to be installed. 
How to Install MinGW-w64 c/c++ Compiler
  • However, I recommend that you keep the default installation folder and then click on proceed.

  • And now, as you can see below, it’s indicating that it’s connecting to, implying that you must have an active internet connection during the installation, as you can see the downloading is presently in progress.
Install MinGW-w64 c/c++ Compiler
  • And after it’s finished, simply click on continue.

  • Now, in this MinGW installation manager, they simply gave you certain installation alternatives.

  • Click on all and mark them for installation in the MinGW Installations wizard. You can do this by right-clicking on it and selecting all packages as “mark for installation.”
How to Install MinGW-w64
  • Now, simply click on installation and then on this apply modifications.

  • After you click on apply modifications, it will display you that the download is in progress, which will take a minute or two.

After the downloading has been successfully completed, the files are being extracted in preparation for installation. When it is finished, as you can see, all modifications have been successfully implemented, and you can now just close this wizard.


We hope you found our post on how to install MinGW 64 compiler on your Windows 7,8,9, or 10 useful ad when it comes to developing C and C++ applications as it allows you to compile using GCC/G++ with a native Windows compiler.

MinGW-w64 is a GNU toolchain-based Windows compiler suite. It includes the GCC compiler as well as additional tools for creating Windows C and C++ programs. As a result, it is critical for coders and students who wish to learn to code.

In we have covered how to install MinGW w64 in this article, but if you have any additional questions or would like to learn more about the MinGW compiler, leave a comment and we’ll respond or publish a separate article on the subject.

If you would like to learn more about MinGW-w64, we encourage you to check out the MinGW-w64 project website. 

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